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Lecrae is rap’s Tyler Perry

Lecrae is rap’s Tyler Perry. Because, in Anomaly, like some of Perry’s films, the Christianity sneaks up on you.

Wisdom For Startup Growth, From 5 People Who've Been There

The iOS 8 jailbreak is "already on the way"

@desiringGod: Timing Isn’t Everything

Our focus should not be on timing but on God’s purpose for our lives.

Do You Hate to Wait?

Anxiety is the slave song of the human heart under the tyranny of insignificance. Impatience is an acute strand of anxiety — played in a certain key — that can mesmerize and trap a soul in an infinite loop of hypnotized idolatry

Time flies #hyperlapse

Propaganda - Make (Official Video) @prophiphop @humblebeast - YouTube

Lecrae - All I Need Is You (@Lecrae @ReachRecords) - YouTube

The Osteen Predicament — Mere Happiness Cannot Bear the Weight of the Gospel – AlbertMohler.com

#hyperlapse #timelapse #PHCity

#hyperlapse #timelapse #PHCity